Steve Honour

Steve works as Design visual identity within Diageo Europe & Africa and led the creation of new brands, brand identities and packaging of some of the biggest global spirit and beer brands that exist today, such as Guinness, Hop House 13, Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, Roe & Co, Haig Club and many more.

Living in a world of great choice means that consumers are more brand and design conscious than ever. To this end, Steve believes design is in such a pivotal and exciting time right now and going forward. Consumers fully grasp the power of great design and expect it. Great design will have to deliver more than ever before to be valued and trusted, and brands will win or lose on their ability to connect with consumers through design.

“Creativity & design, at its core, can lead to positive changes within culture and behaviours and should be further embraced, encouraged, expressed and taught, by both brands and cultures alike”