Tendai White

Tendai White has led INPACT Global Alliance as Executive Director for the EMEA, CSA & AP regions for over 10 years. Under her tenure, INPACT has grown in strength and stature and today boasts over 135 member firms across 63 countries and is consistently ranked in the top 20 global associations of accounting firms.

Tendai is responsible for the day-to-day management and strategic development of INPACT, working in close collaboration with INPACT’s Global Board of Directors to support the development and implementation of membership services. Her role brings her into contact with accountancy firms across the globe, providing her with invaluable insight into the diverse challenges they face and how collaboration and mutual support can open new opportunities.

Tendai champions diversity and brings warmth and humanity to her role. Described as a ‘breath of fresh air’ for her openness and collaborative approach, she is a regular panellist and speaker at industry events.

Tendai completed a BA in International Business and an International Marketing MBA at the European School of Economics in London. She has recently completed an MSc in Digital Marketing with the Digital Marketing Institute.