Tim Fendley

Tim Fendley is an information designer with over 25 years’ experience creating system architecture for some of the world’s most important cities. In 2003, Tim founded Applied Information Group on the premise that a city has to be treated as one entity in the eyes of the public. Now an established, award-winning practice working with governmental organisations, Applied’s portfolio spans citywide wayfinding for London, Paris, New York, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Edmonton, Cleveland, Seattle, Lusail and Sentosa Island, transport systems for Vancouver, Dublin and Toronto, and system architecture for global companies and institutions such as the MET, the National Gallery, London, Google and Princeton University. Tim coined the term ‘Legible London’ with the original London wayfinding study for TfL, an innovative approach to implementing a system in a global city and one which forms the basis for many of the practice’s projects today.

Outside of Applied, Tim co-established the renowned information design company MetaDesign with Prof. Dr. Erik Spiekermann, responsible for designing Audi and VW identities, redesign of the Economist and the first citywide wayfinding system in Bristol, UK. He is also the Founder of Living Map, a mapping technology company designed to deliver public access to smart city initiatives. A campaigner for the development of accessible wayfinding systems for public places, Tim has held talks on the subject at the London School of Economics, Reading University, Sign Design Society and the International Institute for Information Design, Vienna, and has been a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art working with the Helen Hamlyn Centre, a department focused on inclusive design.