Dr. Vincent J. Angelico

Dr. Vincent Angelico is a co-founder of Accorto Regulatory Solutions and serves as its Chief Science Officer. In this role, Vince spends most of his time working with clients to formulate cost effective and successful regulatory strategies that meet client and FDA expectations.  Prior to joining Accorto, Vince was a senior executive at Blackbriar Regulatory Services, where he provided scientific and regulatory consulting to several alternative nicotine products companies and developed the regulatory strategy for Avail Vapor LLC, which ultimately submitted some of the few pre-market applications that the FDA did not reject in this constantly changing newly regulated market.  Vince developed his professional career working in the in the pharmaceutical industry, starting out as research and development chemist at Merck & Co Pharmaceuticals.  While at Merck, Vince helped develop products in the new drug pipeline and moved through the ranks to become a product development team leader.  His work led to regulatory filings on the notable cholesterol regulating drug ZOCOR™ (simvastatin).  Vince later worked for the German based pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim (BI), where he was assigned to their active ingredient manufacturing site in Petersburg Virginia.  Vince served in several different leadership roles for BI before ultimately becoming the Director of Manufacturing Operations in 2012.  Vince holds a BS in Chemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Arizona.