Vinit Verma

Vinit currently serves as Senior Technology Advisor (San Francisco/Bay Area) for the Technology Scouting & Venturing group at ExxonMobil. Prior to this role, he served as the Senior Manager for Data & Analytics at ExxonMobil Information Technology – heading up operations in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and enterprise data. During his 25+ years at ExxonMobil, Vinit has held a variety of global computing positions supporting the Exploration Company, R&D organizations, Chemical manufacturing organization, Fuels Retail Operations and Upstream Financials. Extensive experience with IT service delivery via global business support centers. Vinit has served as the IT Audit Manager for ExxonMobil. As founder of techSpring innovation, he has a passion for the process of innovation.

Vinit received a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Oklahoma State University, and a Bachelor of Sciences degree (Physics, Chemistry, Math) from the University of Delhi. He was recognized with an Oklahoma State University – Hall of Fame (Distinguished Alumni Award) in 2016. He has published research in the field of Temporal Databases, and 3D Printing applications. He has delivered industry presentations in the field of analytics and innovation in bricks and mortar organizations. His interests include research work with MIT on collaborative innovation networks. He serves on the Wake Forest Business School Board for graduate work in Analytics, as well as on the Tableau Industry Advisory Board. Vinit has a keen interest in Standard Oil & ExxonMobil history – he has conducted history seminars in 10 countries.