Werner Frosch



Werner Frosch is partner at Henning Larsen and managing director of Henning Larsen GmbH in Munich. He has vast experience of all project stages and expert knowledge of managing processes in relation to time, economy and architectural quality. He ensures a good and open dialogue on the projects and close collaboration between client and users. An important goal in his work is to achieve the highest possible architectural quality and value for clients and users based on program requirements, technical solutions, and other obligations. Henning Larsen is an international firm practicing comprehensive integrated design with the goal to create vibrant, sustainable buildings, masterplans, urban spaces, interior design, and graphics. Our broad portfolio includes flagship commercial headquarters, state-of-the-art universities and research institutes, cultural landmarks, and sustainable city districts. Our approach to design is rooted in a Scandinavian ethos and goes beyond the physical and visual impact of a project.