Yashwinee G Karkera

An accomplished commercial CIO / CTO with a track record of defining and successfully executing technology strategy, enterprise architecture, infosecurity and large-scale digitisation programs for enterprises. A trusted member of the executive team, I have played a pivotal role in business operations, including risk management, budget forecasting, investment decisions and successfully optimising resources for business growth.

Demonstrated success in developing and managing 1000s of high-calibre, multi-disciplinary engineering talent internationally. A strong background in coaching and expertise in agile methodologies has enabled me to foster a collaborative work culture and drive efficiencies in organisations. I have effectively implemented processes for change control and platform availability, led refactoring and transformation initiatives, implemented new-age technology with speed and finesse in dynamic business environments.

A business leader with an ability communicate complex technology concepts to a diverse range of stakeholders, I’ve contributed significantly in overall strategy, funding rounds, board and investor presentations.

A technologist and a constant learner with a bias for innovation and drive for continuous improvement, I can deliver effectively in business environments that are OR aim to be data and technology driven.