Zoë Harries

With a background in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Economic Zones Advisory, Zoë Harries offers intellectual guidance and support to governments, multilateral organizations and economic zones to increase competitiveness in attracting FDI. Zoë also provides cross-border expansion and market entry services to companies.

Zoë’s mission is to mobilize the public and private sector to achieve the SDGs, while accelerating trade and promoting sustainable investment. She has extensive experience working with governments, companies and economic across the globe.

Based in Dubai, Zoë heads the Advisory Division at World FZO. She is the founder and CEO of Impact Zones Global and Middle East and a Partner and Director at EZDA Alliance, UAE-based end-to-end economic zone advisory firm.

She is a keynote speaker and lecturer on topics such as FDI Trends, Economic Zones, Global Value Chains, Location Competitiveness, Sustainability (SDGs). Zoë holds a BSc. in Economics and International Business Administration from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.