Dairy Innovation Summit 2022

Returning for its 8th year, we are bringing the Dairy Innovation Summit to you, in Copenhagen!

The dairy industry is an increasingly competitive industry, both within the dairy category and its plant-based counterparts. Strategies that were in place for global expansion have been affected significantly and companies are looking at new opportunities to scale and increase market share.

Brands are having to rethink and reposition their company vision and goals to meet the current economic landscape and sustainability agenda to continue to remain relevant in an ever-more demanding consumer eco-system.

There is great opportunity in quality nutrition, value added products and NPD, which dairy can leverage if their innovative and strategic strategies are set correctly in place. Now more than ever, the wellness movement, health and environment are proving to be strong drivers behind the transformation in the industry┬┤s offering to the consumer and dairy brands needs to become creative so that they can remain relevant amongst competitors.

Technological developments in conjunction with an ever-digital dependence in our daily lifestyles have meant that companies need to modernise and automate as quickly as possible and be able to understand key data points to develop strategies that support a profitable business.  It is vital that companies stay connected with and engage with consumers and this must be built into their strategy to have a chance at making it through these hard times. Consumers are becoming more demanding and expect ethical products that are clean and essential for better health and lifestyle.