Just Drinks presents: Low & No 2022

This April, Just Drinks is bringing together key beverage industry leaders and observers to discuss the current and future landscape for low- & no-alcohol beverages. Researchers and analysts will dissect the market and forecast where the category, and its opportunities, are in a post-pandemic world. Areas include:

Disruptive Innovation – Is low & no’s product and packaging contemporary and creative enough to compete? How are start-up companies capitalising on their ‘at-speed’ abilities? What can be deduced from consumer data analysis?
Flavour and sensory – The development of options that provide real alternatives to alcohol and cater to modern tastes.
Branding and messaging – What works? What doesn’t? Evaluating branding and messaging practices to understand what drives ‘real’ consumer engagement on a crowded shelf or backbar.
Physical and mental health – exploration the health & wellness trend and positioning low & no to capitalise.
Consumer behaviour and lifestyles – Creating a lasting brand that appeals to consumers in the post-COVID environment.
On- and off-premise potential – Which channel works best for which product? Does one approach fit all?