Beverage Sustainability Virtual Conference 2021

Arena proudly present the inaugural Beverage Sustainability Virtual event!

This one-day virtual conference brings together experts from the beverage industry to come together and participate in key discussions that enable key players to better predict where the category is headed so they may tap into its increasing potential and build around emerging opportunities including:

  • Packaging: Working towards sustainability goals from the outside in by focusing on innovative methods of creating eco-friendly packaging for beverages
  • Ingredient sourcing: Ensuring ingredients are being ethically sourced and that the ingredient itself is sustainable to crop
  • Promoting Recyclability of a product: finding methods of promoting recycling by the consumer including creating products that can be reused
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Meeting the 2025/2030 sustainability goals set out by most governmental authorities and ensure the reduction of the carbon footprint left when manufacturing and producing beverages
  • Branding/Marketing: Discussing the best ways of reaching all groups of consumers and ensuring the company ethos is clear to the public

This event provides an unrivalled platform for networking with key decision-makers alongside offering a unique opportunity to learn from and meet with respected industry professionals. We have created a unique platform bringing together strategy, product development and sector strategists to deliver a 360° view on the best ways of ensuring sustainability goals are met.