Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Handbook 2022

Building on the world-renowned Outsourcing in Clinical Trials series, Arena International is proud to announce the arrival of the third Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Handbook, please download here.

This in-depth look into key challenges within outsourcing and operations will become the on-desk reference guide for clinical trial professionals across the industry. Based on in-depth research with experts in the clinical trial space, this manual provides informative checklists on an international level to allow companies to optimize their clinical trial operations and promote regulatory compliance. This is particularly important with Covid-19 making it increasingly difficult to share industry updates face-to-face.

Comprising of industry written pieces and advice, the handbook will also include a comprehensive supplier directory, providing readers with a onestop shop for sourcing vendors for their outsourcing needs.

Our global OCT community includes:




The Outsourcing Clinical Trials Handbook will kick off by looking into the regulatory aspects of conducting trials in the US and Europe within the context of Brexit and the new Trump administration. It will also look into the challenges of entering emerging regions, as well as providing a market analysis of the latest M&A trends within the industry.


Example Features:

  • Update to ICH GCP E6 guidelines and how it will be implemented the era of Brexit and the Trump administration
  • Challenges of conducting trials in China
  • Mergers & Acquisitions outlook


Impacts of COVID-19 on Clinical Trials 


Example Features:

  • Patient recruitment during the pandemic
  • COVID-19 vaccines and therapies
  • Effects of COVID-19 on future clinical trials


Data Management in Clinical Trials


Example Features:

  • Adverse Event Reporting
  • Risk based monitoring and central monitoring challenges
  • Data fraud


Medical Devices


Example Features:

  • Maintaining quality and regulatory compliance during M&As
  • Medical device regulations
  • FDA regulatory update