Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials Handbook 2022

Building on our world-renowned Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials Conference Series, we are proud to announce our annual Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials Handbook is ready to download.

This in-depth look into key challenges within outsourcing and operations will become the on-desk reference guide for oncology clinical trial professionals across the industry. This is particularly important with Covid-19 making it increasingly difficult to share industry updates face-to-face.

Based on extensive research with experts in the clinical trial space, this manual provides an essential global guide for companies to optimize their oncology trial operations and promote regulatory compliance. Comprising of industry written pieces and advice, the handbook will also include a comprehensive supplier directory, providing readers with a onestop shop for sourcing vendors for their outsourcing needs.

Key content areas


Comprising of industry-written pieces, the handbook outlines advancements in research and development are putting increasing demands on clinical trial sponsors; with new drugs and medicines in the pipeline addressing some of the most complex and deadly disease areas of today, clinical teams need to keep up to meet the patient and global market requirements and take oncology-based therapy to the next level.


Articles you won’t want to miss include:


  • How experienced medical writers can add value to oncology dossiers
  • Empower your next study with a truly unified system
  • Cell and gene therapy society establishes working group to tackle expanded access misuse



Key content area:


  • Clinical development in oncology
  • Immunotherapy
  • Patient Centricity in oncology trials



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