Retail Banking International Conference & Awards: A Virtual Experience

The International Retail Banking Conference and Awards: Virtual Experience is a highly anticipated event in the banking industry. The conference provides a platform for industry leaders to share insights and best practices, and celebrate the achievements of outstanding performers in the field. This year’s conference promises to be even more exciting thanks to the use of virtual technologies, which will allow participants from all over the world to attend the event remotely. The use of technology will also enhance the conference experience by providing opportunities for participants to engage and interact in real time.
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Facilitating a platform to refine the digital, organisational and customer focused strategy to remain at the forefront of an ever-changing landscape

Explore the impact of technological developments in a rapidly transitioning financial landscape and highlight new opportunities open to FIs as they push to strive in an era that is now truly digital and remote

Bringing you a new digital experience at a crucial time for all, amidst the impact of Covid-19.  Expect engaging content and crucial networking opportunities delivered directly to your home!

What will I learn?

– Developments through the marriage of Banks and Fintechs

– How to identify opportunities for business growth and efficient solutions for a better retail banking experience

– Examine how the retail sector is embracing digital innovation without neglecting traditional channels

– Discover new innovations in payment platforms, AI & ML for a safe and efficient digital network

Key sessions

  • Building Bridges for Better BankingMarion King, Director of Payments, NatWest
  • Using Inclusive Design to Drive Innovation in the Digital Customer Experience – Pamela Hilborn, SVP Global Head of Design, Digital Banking, Scotia Bank
  • Bank of England: Payment and API StrategyWilliam Lovell, Head of Future Technology, Bank of England
  • The Impact of FinTech Innovation on the Banking Sector – Ravi Bhalla, Head of Group Design, Lloyds
  • The Innovation Race: Creating Great Customer Experience, Fast – Kunal Malani, Chief Growth Officer, Tandem

We look forward to seeing you there!