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Streamline & Innovate Clinical Trials Operations Against A Backdrop of Shifting Priorities and Political Change

28th & 29th June, London, UK

This 4th edition of Arena International’s Outsourcing Clinical Trials global series tackles the critical issues currently challenging the UK and Ireland Pharmaceuticals sector in this diverse and evolving commercial area.

From addressing the evolving political forces impacting at a macroeconomic level, to exploring the potential of disruptive technologies such as wearables and automated dosing to improve data quality, trial oversight and patient centricity, this year’s events core theme is ‘Managing Trials Effectively In Uncertain Times’.

Tackling your operational issues, as well as your specific outsourcing concerns, this year’s programme delivers comprehensive insight into how to ensure that your trials emerge unscathed from the year’s inevitable disruption and change.

Tailored specifically to prioritise the issues at the top of your agenda, this year’s OCTUK forum will address the below key areas of opportunity and concern for the coming year:

Patient centricity & effective recruitment

Trial strategy Cost, location, quality

Data Management and Analytics For performance measurement, as well as clinical data management

Technological Innovation To streamline Operations/Outsourcing – automation, digitisation, wearable technology, automated dosing, non-invasive diagnostics

Insourcing vs. Collaboration What is the best model to deliver value & quality?

Brexit The impact to the UK pharma market

Complex supplier networks Niche/specialist providers and how to secure the best expertise

Regulatory inspections MHRA, ICH, oversight, RSI and TMFs

Value of strategic partnering with CROs Do they really benefit pharma?

Maintaining quality of outsourced work What is adequate sponsor oversight?

Real impact of risk based monitoring In terms of cost and data quality