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Streamline & Innovate Clinical Trials Operations Against A Backdrop of Shifting Priorities and Political Change

The 5th Annual Outsourcing in Clinical Trials UK & Ireland 2018 conference is back after a successful 2017 to help build business strategy through the changing regulatory and political climate. This event is part of a global series aimed at tackling the vital concerns presently taxing the UK and Ireland Pharmaceuticals sector in this varied and evolving commercial area.

The Outsourcing in Clinical Trial UK & Ireland event offers attendees the unique opportunity to debate and develop practical strategies that will enable their company, whether big or small, to improve the efficiency when outsourcing their clinical trials.

Our 2018 event welcomes all clinical professionals from medical device, biotech’s, big pharma and small/medium pharma within the UK & Ireland region.


Event News

2017 Feedback

Find out what our 2017 attendees had to say about OCT UK & Ireland.

What are the patients saying?

Patients are at the centre of the clinical trials industry and it is vital that studies incorporate patients to ensure their trial designs remain patient- centric. Patient recruitment and retention issues can cost on average over €32K in operational costs and up to €7M in lost opportunity costs, illustrating the importance of overcoming this issue.

It's a Digital World!

Technology makes the world go round! With clinical trials being the most expensive part of the R&D sector, how is the clinical space capitalising off technology to create a more efficient and cost effective process?

Who should attend this event?

All clinical professionals with responsibilities in outsourcing, alliance management, external vendor management, regulatory and operational aspects of clinical trials will find this conference very informative.

Countdown to Outsourcing in Clinical Trials UK & Ireland 2018