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Outsourcing in Clinical Trials UK 2016

22nd & 23rd June, 2016, London

We are delighted to announce that the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials UK & Ireland event will be convening again this June in London for the 3rd year running. Looking into some of the most debated topics surrounding biopharma and medical device companies in the UK and Ireland, this event will prove a fantastic platform for those in the clinical trials sector to discuss, share and formulate ideas.

Key topics of interest for this year include risk mitigation in trial budgets, utilising eCRF systems and reviewing patient recruitment strategies.


Event News

Innovation in Clinical Operations

Join us in London in June at Outsourcing in Clinical Trials UK 2016 – a meeting of senior experts and advisors within the clinical community.

Utilising Available Clinical Resources in the UK

Outsourcing in Clinical Trials UK & Ireland 2016 brings a fresh focus, spotlighting risk mitigation across clinical activities, insights into data system management and a special case study from an NHS clinical site, detailing what they can do to benefit your study.

The Focus for 2016

A focus for the 2016 agenda will be controlling risk mitigation within clinical operations – factors crucial to pharma, med-device and biotech companies of all sizes.

Who will attend this event?

This event is designed to help the needs of those whose responsibilities lie within clinical operations, outsourcing, alliance management, clinical research and procurement.  With the UK pharma and biotech hub, all our events are content driven towards meeting the challenges of medium- small pharma, biotech and medical device companies within the UK and Ireland.