Managing SME Lending Risks

Forty-four percent of SMEs look to funding to meet operating expenses, with this number expected to grow considerably during times of economic uncertainty. Fifty-six percent of SMEs seek funds to expand business operations or pursue new market opportunities. But waiting months or even weeks for credit approval and funding can mean the difference between innovation and business closure.  Traditional financial services have always been challenged to make SME decisions profitable, balancing the relatively small monetary amounts requested, the high volume of demand and the complexity of the decision required.  How can financial services organizations and fintechs more efficiently manage the risk of lending to SMEs? The answer is data to drive automation.

Join our live discussion and discover how data is key to driving risk strategy innovation, and how it enables rapid approvals and more accurate risk decisions.

Key Highlights:

  • Discussing the role of data in minimizing risk and making smarter decisions
  • Solutions that drive risk strategy innovation
  • How to deploy more accurate credit risk models by accessing the right data at the right time
  • Insights on identifying and mitigating fraud risk