Opportunities in Scotland’s Booming Space Industry

From Earth observation and data analysis to satellite design, manufacture, testing, launch and operations, Scotland is in a unique position. With 170 data science companies based in Edinburgh alone, and more than 130 space organisations and 83 aerospace companies in Scotland, the country’s space sector is buzzing with activity.

The Scottish Space Strategy, published in 2021, identified sustainability as a key thread of Scotland’s approach to space. Scottish Enterprise sought to turn this strategic intent into a coordinated programme of action for industry, academia, and the public sector through the development of a sustainability roadmap which ties in with the wider UK’s Plan for Space Sustainability.

Following the announcement from Mangata Networks to build a manufacturing facility in Scotland for its multi-orbit broadband constellation, this fascinating webinar will look at the vast opportunities available in Scotland to investors in the space sector, and how they can be achieved sustainably through responsible spacecraft operations, space debris mitigation and more.

Key Learning Objectives:


  • Explore opportunities in Scotland’s booming Space industry
  • Discover Scotland as a key location for unlocking competitive advantage
  • Identify potential new suppliers and sources of innovation
  • Finding out about work opportunities in Scotland’s exciting space sector


Diversity in FinTech

Diversity in the workplace is critical to ensuring fintech companies stay ahead of the curve.

Research shows the most gender and ethnically diverse organisations are able to achieve higher revenues, attract better talent and be more innovative as they are more likely to cater to a more diverse audience and develop products that meet their needs.

It is however still an untapped opportunity for many fintech companies and indeed diverse groups who are themselves looking for support for their companies.

This webinar will explore what is happening in Scotland’s fintech sector and how encouraging inclusion and advancement in this traditionally white male-led sector could give your company benefits in terms of talent and profitability.

Questions to ask: Why have women, black, asian or other ethnic minorities not traditionally found their way into the sector? What is Scotland doing to promote the sector to these groups? Are there financial solutions to help support these groups?


Key Learning Objectives:


  • Explore the gender/ ethnic/ disability gap and discuss solutions
  • Discover market investment opportunities
  • Discover Scotland as a key location for unlocking competitive advantage
  • Identify potential new suppliers and sources of innovation