Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services 2023

The Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services conference will be returning to London in 2023.

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  • London, UK
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This event brings together senior executives from Europe’s leading financial services companies to explore the latest innovations in AI and how they are specifically being used to enhance and disrupt the FS industry.








Attendees at Director+ level








Attendees at Director+ level

2022 Agenda

  • 28 Sep 2022
  • 29 Sep 2022
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8 AM


8:50 AM

Chair’s Opening Remarks

9 AM

AI beyond niche applications – how to scale AI and transform financial institutions

  • Realizing an effective alignment strategy from C-level downwards
  • Making business-critical data assets readily accessible by leveraging AI-powered synthetic data
  • Dealing with an overwhelming amount of data or a lack of it
  • Building strong bonds between business teams and analytics talent

9:30 AM

Must-attend keynote: Applications of Causal AI in Financial Services

  • What is Causal AI? Machines that can reason.
  • How machines can discover Cause and Effect, and why it matters.
  • How Causal AI unites data science, business teams, and regulatory requirements

Applications and Case Studies including: – Staff Retention Strategies – Customer Relationship Management – Forecasting, Scenario Modelling, and What If Analysis – Accelerating Model Risk Management

10 AM

Never forget your outcome

  • How HSBC is building out its ML/data capabilities to support its customers and business
  • Some mistake you should avoid, and why you should iteratively add to your capabilities
  • Some examples of the use cases HSBC’s global Retail Bank have developed to support customer experiences and customer insight.

10:30 AM

Opportunities in AI – leveraging tools to deliver a highly personalised digital client experience

  • Uncovering new digital trends in financial services for client insights
  • Exploring how data and AI tools can support the client and relationship with more personalized and scalable advice
  • Approaching operational data inside and outside the organisation to provide relevant and compliant recommendations
  • Looking ahead to future trends in AI

11 AM

Morning Refreshments and Networking

11:30 AM

Robust AI development: moving beyond model.evaluate

  • The importance of going beyond evaluating models using simple metrics on a test set
  • Model failure modes that are easy to miss without a robust approach to model validation
  • A checklist for data scientists to avoid common pitfalls during model development and productionisation

12 PM

Synthetic data in production: A case study

  • Best approaches to data management that are truly anonymous, scalable and accurate
  • How a tier 1 building society is tackling GDPR regulations by making current data management practices safe and compliant
  • How synthetic data is allowing the team to safely share data with external parties in a production environment

12:15 PM

Panel discussion: Are chatbots the must-have customer service channel in 2022?

  • The benefits to CX in improving accuracy surrounding Natural Language Processing
  • Substitution or supplementary? Where do chatbots fit into the CS landscape
  • How do chatbots contribute to the customer journey?
  • Breaking the chatbot quality and reputation taboo to improve customer care

12:45 PM

Ensuring the ethical use of AI

  • Balancing ethics, effective nudging and freedom of choice
  • Guaranteeing businesses are transparent with customers in the way they are using their data
  • Exploring key risks that can arise from the unethical use of AI
  • How drone technology is transforming the insurance industry

1:15 PM

Three pillars that will stabilise and power your data assets in this ever-changing world!

  • Increased regulation, economic uncertainty, and the rise of challenger banks: financial services are having to deal with traditional challenges, whilst at the same time evolving at the same pace with new market challenges.
  • Ensure your business is agile enough in these ever-changing times to continue your business seamlessly no matter what changes are around the corner.

1:30 PM

Lunch and Networking

2:30 PM

Panel discussion: Understanding the impact of ESG on AI strategy

  • How can machine learning be applied to ESG data?
  • How can machine learning and AI help with ESG credential?
  • How can technology such as processing power and industry solutions help with ESG?
  • How to factor in environmental risk into AI strategy?

3 PM

Modernising Client Interaction Workflows in Financial Services

  • Make your business a one-stop hub to modernise your client interaction workflows
  • Streamline your client business processes in banking across account onboarding, account servicing, and exception handling
  • Rethinking today’s costly, inefficient, and fragmented client engagement model, which requires significant manual intervention
  • Orchestrate each step of your workflows to fast-track client business, gain efficiency, and grow your business.

3:30 PM

Leveraging AI and Open Banking to improve lending decision-making and increase revenue opportunities

  • Opening the door to customer data with AI tools and open banking
  • Exploring opportunities to use AI for product innovation and customer insights
  • Understanding how to harness the potential of open banking and AI responsibly and ethically
  • Developing an AI strategy for financial institutions to ensure regulatory compliance

4 PM

Mid-Afternoon Refreshments

4:30 PM

AI: A Question of Trust

  • For many of us AI is a deeply human-centric process, so how do we gain the trust of our internal and external customers?
  • How do we demystify complex ethics and explainability metrics to the real users?
  • We believe the biggest frontier of AI acceptance in our industry is not purely technological, nor specific regulation, but a balance of outwardly showing our customers that AI can be trusted, and on their terms.

5 PM

Fireside Chat: The evolving role of AI regulation and governance in financial services

  • The role of AI powered solutions to tackle cyber fraud
  • Addressing algorithmic bias in the financial services community
  • Ensuring no one is left behind as technological innovations in AI continue to advance

5:30 PM

Closing remarks

5:35 PM

Drinks Reception Sponsored by causaLens

8 AM


8:40 AM

Chair’s Opening Remarks

8:50 AM

Secret for success: Capitalizing on data’s value as an asset

  • Building efficiency through collecting data from multiple sources
  • Combining company’s own data with external data sources to build a better picture of current and potential customers
  • Growing deeper insight of the unstructured information
  • Data management and collection

9:20 AM

Translating ML research into ML products: Going from to

  • Simultaneously managing the risks and costs of ML R&D and ML adoption

9:50 AM

Panel discussion: How to put risk at the heart of your AI strategy?

  • The fundamentals of how AI-specific considerations can be integrated into existing RMFs
  • Assessing the impact of AI use cases on businesses’ risk appetite
  • Being equipped to deal with the speed of technology
  • Trusting new AI technologies to galvanise the financial services
  • How evolving AI solutions can make auditability and traceability challenging

10:20 AM

How to Apply Machine Learning and Deliver Hyper-personalized Customer Experiences at Scale

  • Deliver AI-powered Next Best Actions to improve customer engagement and reduce customer attrition in short order.
  • In an ever-increasing competitive landscape and threats from ecosystems and marketplaces disrupting traditional distribution channels, learn how the ability to build advanced customer intelligence (financial, social, behavioural) has an immediate impact on customer engagement, and product sales conversations as well as effective cross-selling.

10:50 AM

Morning Refreshments and Networking

11:20 AM

Advancing the financial sector’s cybersecurity with AI

  • What tangible results has AI driven in financial cybersecurity?
  • Combatting internal threats with the power of AI
  • Adopting NLP and behaviour analytics to spot phishing
  • Cutting costs with effective cybersecurity strategy

11:50 AM

AI-Powered Financial Crime Solutions: Key Design Considerations

  • Financial crime use cases, AI functions & workflows, design variables & options
  • AI-led or AI-assisted? Hybrid solutions, level of autonomy & AI decision support
  • Model risk governance and AI accountability, explainability, transparency & trust
  • AML Transaction Monitoring: AI-based alert prioritisation example, design & analysis

12:20 PM

Building an AI Culture (and why you need to)

  • Demystifying data science
  • It’s not just about the data scientists
  • Building on the ethics we know
  • Why diversity matters
  • Attracting and retaining talent

12:50 PM

HPC as a Service – A Cost Efficient Way to Combine the Benefits of a Dedicated On-premise Environment and Cloud Flexibility

Learn about various industry pain points such as:

  • Lack of available compute & GPU
  • Running out of budget too fast on public cloud
  • Fast rising cost of Electricity for on-prem environment
  • Hear how HPC&AIaaS not only addresses these issues, but also adds significant value to your operations and increases the return on investment of your valuable application software as well as your engineers’ productivity.

1 PM

Lunch and Networking

2 PM

Using virtual agents to boost your effectiveness


  • How AI revolutionized customer service in Alior Bank?
  • Building innovative AI strategy to modernize UX
  • AI in the service of the buying process
  • Analysing how AI removes human elements of customer care

2:30 PM

How to detect silent failures in ML models

  • Understanding that AI Algorithms deteriorate and fail silently over time impacting the business’ bottom line.
  • A focus on learning how you should be monitoring ML in production.
  • Learning about the types of failures: how to detect and address them?

2:45 PM

Detecting insurance fraud with machine learning

  • AI for recognizing fraudulent patterns in customer data
  • As process automation increases, automatic surveillance must too
  • Predictive data… from simple numbers to complex audio and picture analysis
  • How and what to measure?

3:15 PM

Mid-Afternoon Refreshments

3:45 PM

Cultivating talent to ensure an appropriately skilled workforce

  • Ensuring talent within data science and machine learning capability spheres
  • Best ways to reskill and upskill workers to produce a multifaceted workforce
  • Balancing in-house and external talent to allow businesses to grow
  • Matching a skilled workforce to the fast pace of AI development

4:15 PM

Insurance and AI: using data to create a quantifiably safer world

  • How Flock is reinventing commercial fleet insurance to enable and incentivise safer driving
  • How machine learning enables insurers to be proactive rather than reactive
  • What insurers need to know to prosper in an increasingly connected and autonomous world

4:45 PM

Going back to basics: the building blocks to success

  • Uncovering the importance of data cleansing
  • Is simplicity the key to success?
  • AI as a revolution rather than an evolution
  • Forgotten AI Principles integral to succeeding

5:15 PM

Closing remarks

5:20 PM

Conference Close

2022 Speakers

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Jason Maude
Chief Technology Advocate, Starling Bank

Jason Maude is a coder, coach, and public speaker. He has over a decade of experience working in the financial sector, primarily in creating and delivering software. He is passionate about explaining complex technical concepts to those who are convinced that they won't be able to understand them. He currently works at Starling Bank as their Chief Technology Advocate and host of the Starling podcast.

Next speaker
Senthooran Rajamanoharan
Head Of Behavioural & Automation Model Risk, NatWest
Next speaker
Angela Johnson De Wet
Cloud Enabled Business Transformation - Head Of Function, Lloyds Banking Group

Prior to working at Lloyds, Angela worked At Deutsche Bank in the Cloud, Anti-Financial Crime Analytics, Data Quality and Finance Risk and Regulatory Reporting change and transformation teams.

Before joining Deutsche Bank, Angela worked as a Senior Manager at EY across Asia Pacific and EMEIA within the Financial Services Organisation focusing on Corporate Banking and Capital Markets transformation and advisory programmes. Angela started her career at IBM in Australia working as a developer, tester, designer and then business analyst and project manager.

Angela has an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics / Robotics) and Computer Science from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Next speaker
Sohail Raja
Head Of Execution Platforms & UK Chief Digital Officer, Société Générale
Next speaker
Joaquim Cerqueira
Chief Operating Officer, Abaka

Joaquim is currently the COO of ABAKA. He carries over 21 years of experience in Operations and Consulting in Financial Services, within the UK and Europe in notable institutions such as BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, and Accenture. He has a successful track record of driving operational improvements and efficiencies, with a specialty in advising clientele on their digital transformation needs. Joaquim is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique. 

Next speaker
Elena Marinova
President And BoD Chair, Musala Soft

Elena Marinova is a co-founder, President and Chair of the BoD of Musala Soft, a 700+ people company that has been implementing for more than 20 years challenging IT projects for top tier multinational enterprises. The company’s portfolio covers some of the most innovative areas like AI, Big Data, IoT, Cloud, and AR/VR and a long list of demanding clients like Commerzbank, KBC Group, Financial Times, IBM, VMware, SAP, Deutsche Telekom, BMW, Volkswagen, Uber and more.

Elena is also spending a lot of her time to work on pushing forward Innovation and Education in the modern society. She has served board member seats at American University of Bulgaria, Bulgarian Association of information Technologies, Bulgarian Association of Software Companies, and is a co-founder of the European Junior Olympiad in Informatics.

As a public speaker Elena has been delivering keynote sessions, participated in and moderated panels in international business and IT conferences and summits in Germany, China, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria and US among others. Topics she’s keen on sharing first-hand experience and knowledge include AI, IoT, Innovation, Diversity, Culture & Education, Women in Technology & Leadership.

Next speaker
Paul Bennett
Senior VP International Business Development & Banking Alliances, IVendi
Next speaker
Michael Harriman
Senior Advisor - Information Technology, Redwood Bank
Next speaker
Alessandro Tonchia
Head of Strategy, InvestCloud Europe & Asia

Alessandro is the Head of Strategy at InvestCloud Private Banking & Wealth, focusing on building and maintaining long-term relationships with major clients. He is passionate about developing client offerings that improve sales, advice and client relations via digital technology and artificial intelligence. He has a keen interest in sustainability and the impact financial institutions can have in this area. Alessandro has been instrumental in the development of InvestCloud's ESG offering. 

Alessandro is co-founder of Finantix, a firm that InvestCloud acquired earlier in 2021 as part of a merger to create the next-generation SaaS wealth solutions platform. Prior to establishing Finantix, he was a consultant specialising in the areas of process management, collaboration and CRM.

Alessandro holds a degree in Physics from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. In addition, he also studied Philosophy and Linguistics at the University of California in Los Angeles.

Next speaker
Tom Clay
Chief Data Scientist, Covéa Insurance

Tom Clay is Chief Data Scientist at Covéa Insurance. Tom’s focus is building principled AI products and the teams behind them that put trust at the core of everything we do. The multi-award wining team he has built develops cutting edge solutions which have taken Covéa to be an industry thought leader in enterprise AI. Tom’s goal is to transform the enterprise AI industry with trusted AI products that are interpretable and trusted to all.

Next speaker
David Nicholson
Analytics Product Manager, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

David is Analytics Product Manager within Financial Services at BAE Systems Digital Intelligence. His work includes setting the strategy and vision for the analytics product, enabling financial institutions to improve detection effectiveness and efficiency through the application of advanced analytics, in particular optimisation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.  David is also a hands-on senior data scientist with over 15 years’ experience developing data science solutions in the areas of financial crime, telco, cyber, defence & security. His work has resulted in several publications and international patents.

Next speaker
Global Director, HPC & AI, AtNorth

With over 35 years of experience in IT, Guy D’Hauwers is an industry veteran. Currently working as the Vice President for HPC and AI at atNorth, Guy is in charge of atNorth’s Cloud, High Performance Computing (HPC) and AI businesses internationally. Guy is based in Brussels, Belgium and joined atNorth back in 2018, after having previously held senior managerial positions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Siemens and Real Dolmen. Guy Has been leading Strategic Business Development in the CAE, Telecom, Cloud , HPC & AI domain at Global and International level, always seeking new business models and new innovative solutions for clients and partners. In his current role with atNorth, Guy has helped various large, international companies make the move from private and public clouds, towards the ideal hybrid HPC and AI environments from a performance and innovation standpoint whilst keeping their totals costs and digital carbon footprint to a minimum.

Next speaker
Wojtek Kuberski
Co-Founder, NannyML

Wojtek Kuberski is a co-founder of NannyML, an OSS Python library for detecting silent model failure. He holds a Master's Degree in AI. He previously founded and grew an ML consultancy. He likes tennis, chess, and most of all, food.

Next speaker
Sanjeev Kumar
VP EMEA, Boost.Ai

As VP for EMEA at, Sanjeev Kumar brings more than 20 years of go-to-market expertise to his role having worked with digital transformation-enabling technologies across a broad range of industries, with a particular focus on banking and financial services. Prior to, he led UKMEA business in the subscription SaaS space at Zuora, helping to scale both business and revenue at that organisation. A role that primed him perfectly for his position at where, today, he leads an experienced team to strategically expand the reach of the company’s conversational AI platform, helping clients in new and existing markets elevate customer experience.

Next speaker
Andrew Moncrieff
Western European Account Executive, M-Files

Andrew's career has spanned over two decades delivering digital transformation and information management throughout this time. Andrew has delivered projects in both the public and private sectors helping businesses and public bodies to adopt and improve their business practices and processes. Over these 20 years Andrew has helped deploy enterprise-wide solutions to the some of the world's leading global brands in professional services and Oil and Gas as well as NHS and UK government. These projects have resulted in significant, tangible cost savings, better user experiences and business processes. Andrew advocates that technology should operate as the vehicle to enable us to focus on what is important so we can put our time and energy executing against our core values and business strategy.

Next speaker
Shimona Pinto
Senior Corporate Solutions, Moxo

Shimona comes from a legal background and works with Moxo's EMEA clients to modernize their client interaction workflows. She specialises in helping clients control the chaos of client management by orchestrating end-to-end client collaboration with the power of their one-stop client portal.

Next speaker
Harry Keen
CEO, Hazy

Harry is the co-founder and CEO of Hazy, a synthetic data company helping their customers unlock rapid innovation by removing the privacy and security concerns from their raw data. Harry has a masters in engineering from the University of Bristol and spent his early career working in and founding technology startups from open source digital manufacturing to ML powered travel recommendation engines.

Next speaker
Dr Stephen Moody
General Manager Of Causal AI In Financial Services, CausaLens

Stephen has over 20 years of experience developing transformative technologies in the financial services, government, and commercial sectors. He is an expert in applying ML and AI technologies at scale in diverse applications, from national security to customer relationship management.

At causaLens, Stephen is responsible for product strategy and growth in the banking and insurance sectors.

Prior to causaLens, Stephen held senior positions at leading deep technology companies, including roles as Chief Innovation Officer at Symphony Ayasdi AI, Solutions Director at Simility-Paypal, Solutions Director at ThreatMetrix, and Head of Products at BAE NetReveal.

Stephen holds a PhD in Astrophysics from Cambridge University.

Next speaker
William Faulks
Head Of Pricing And Data Science, Flock
Next speaker
Jonathan Kan
Data Privacy And Ethics Manager, AXA
Next speaker
Fredrik Thuring
Head Of Operational Analytics, Tryg Insurance

Machine learning is finding new applications every day. My department is responsible for finding innovative and algorithmic substitutes for the hundreds of internal processes at Tryg insurance. This spans all the way from under-writing, HR, claims to finance. By employing very intelligent individuals and utilizing open source applications the cost-benefit of data science in this way is stunning. We are getting roughly £10 back for every 1£ we spend on these capabilities.

Next speaker
Emma Taylor
Associate Analyst - Thematic Research, Global Data

Emma Taylor is an Associate Analyst in GlobalData's Thematic Intelligence Team specialising in Machine Learning, AI regulation, and cybersecurity. Before joining GlobalData Emma completed a Master’s degree in ‘Big Data in Culture and Society’ conducting research on data law, algorithmic bias, surveillance and Facial Recognition Technology.

Next speaker
Reza Khorshidi
Chief Scientist, AIG
Next speaker
Helen Packard
Digital Skills And FinTech RegTech Transformation, Bank Of England
Next speaker
Ann Cairns
Executive Vice Chair, Mastercard
Next speaker
Michael Natusch
Chief Science Officer,Prudential
Next speaker
Richard A Bates
Global Head Intelligence Hub,HSBC

Rich has more than 20 years of experience in Data, Analytics and CRM.  He has spent the vast majority of that time in HSBC.   In his current role he is business lead for the Data and Messaging Value Stream in the Wealth and Personal banking business line (WPB).  This means he is responsible for all data, analytics and CRM (messaging) platforms across the wealth and retail bank globally.   Over the last few years he has led the move of the data platform to the cloud and is now running a unit which delivers over 100 data services to 9 geographies.  Some of these services use ML techniques for the benefit of HSBC customers and the business.  On the CRM side, the team use ML to make decisions and apply it to more than 30M customers in 15 different markets. Richard has experience of hands on analytics having previously ran the Commercial Banking analytics team for the UK bank and in his last role he built and scaled a significant CRM programme which delivered north of 100M of benefits and is still going strong today.    Richard has a track record of delivering outcomes, with a specific expertise in data and analytics/machine learning.   He runs a direct team of circa 40 people who in turn lead a team of approximately 300+ data engineers. He holds a bachelor degree in business studies and professional qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Institute of Direct Marketing. He spends most of his spare time either traveling, with his family or on one of his bikes as he’s an active ride leader in a local cycling club.

Next speaker
Sarah Gadd
Global Head of Intelligent Automation,Credit Suisse
Next speaker
David Bicknell
Principal Analyst, Thematic Research,Global Data

David Bicknell has over 30 years’ experience in writing about and analysing the technology sector, both from the vendor and the user perspective, both in the UK and the US. His career in technology journalism and analysis has included detailed research into IT projects and he has co-authored a book, ‘Crash’, which explored why and how IT projects go wrong. He has also co-authored a novel on the life of computer pioneer Charles Babbage. Prior to joining Thematic Research, David spent six years editing a GlobalData title exploring the use of technology in the UK public sector. He has previously worked for a news agency and for the BBC.

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