Motor Finance Europe: Conference and Awards 2023

The Motor Finance Europe Conference & Awards brings together leading experts across Europe to deliver key, actionable insights into the very latest regulatory requirements, technological innovations, strategic developments, and strategies to best implement them into your vehicle financing with both maximum efficiency and minimal cost.

  • InterContinental Wien, Vienna
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2022 Agenda

  • 20 Oct 2022
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8 AM


8:40 AM

Chair’s opening remarks

8:45 AM

SESSION ONE: What is the Changing Future of the Motor Finance Industry in Uncertain Economic?

8:50 AM

The evolving relationship between financial services and the real economy

  • Financial Services as embedded Assets
  • The evolution and merger of Fintech and Mobitech
  • Speed to Market
  • Leadership focus on a value – based culture

9:10 AM

Moxo - Modernizing Client Lifecycle Management

  • Modernize your client interaction management with a secure, onestop interaction workflow platform.
  • Building a onestop hub to manage your complete client life cycle across account onboarding, account servicing, and exception handling.
  • Rethinking today’s costly, inefficient, and fragmented client engagement model, which requires significant manual intervention.
  • Streamline client business processes across your firm and orchestrate each step of your workflows to fast-track client business.

9:30 AM

Car Subscriptions: Hype vs. Reality

  • Reality check on expected growth of car subscriptions
  • Understanding supply and demand
  • Exploring the success factors for growth

9:50 AM

Challenges that captive banks are facing in Germany

  • Ensuring compliance and adhering to regulations
  • How big investments in systems can guarantee compliance
  • Investing in digitalisation vs partnering with banks who offer digital solutions
  • Why cooperation between OEMs and established banks makes sense

10:10 AM

Better Buying Journeys: How retailers can create the best customer experience online and in the showroom?

  • What do customers want?
  • Creating the right digital culture
  • Building customer engagement
  • Maintaining profitability

10:30 AM

Panel discussion: What does the year ahead look like for the auto finance industry faced with a changing market?



Christopher Ley, Associate Partner, Berylls Strategy Advisors


Klaus Entenmann, Chairman of the Board of Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance Ltd.

Martin de Heus, EMEA Director, Enterprise and Corporate Solutions, Moxo

Simon Zimmermann, Manager, KPMG Financial Services

Guillaume Watine, Head of Auto IT, Santander

Jakob Böehme, Tesla Financial Services

Paul Bennett, Senior VP International Business Development & Banking Alliances, iVendi


10:30 AM

Morning refreshments and networking

11:20 AM

SESSION TWO: What are the New Operating and New Finance Models?

11:30 AM

Discovering how electromobility and other mobility solutions can allow everybody to drive green without ownership

  • Upgrading charging infrastructure to enable automobility growth
  • Taking responsible action in the race to net-zero for a sustainable future
  • How to commercialise the solutions

11:50 AM

Leveraging digital onboarding to boost international core business

  • FCA Bank & InfoCert: a successful case of digital transformation
  • TOP: The InfoCert solution for a seamless onboarding process​
  • eID gateway: the technology to shorten your customer journey
  • The strength of a Pan-European Trust Service Provider

12:10 PM

Mobile… Digital… How to digitalize car lending

  • From client facing up to contract signature
  • Covering the complete customer journey
  • Supporting onboarding and lending processes with fully digitalized onboarding solutions including identification, income verification, credit decision and signing

12:30 PM

Battle for the future: Why standing still is not an option

  • The changing habits of consumers
  • Putting data at the heart of your decisions
  • Creating customer simplicity; is the agency model the answer?

12:50 PM

How true ADS (Alternative Deal Structure) can marry business objectives with growing customer loyalty

  • The capabilities needed to operationalise ADS
  • What competitive advantages true ADS brings
  • Extension of these capabilities across the customer lifecycle

1:10 PM

Panel discussion: How to maximise profitability with new models and leasing structures?


Stefan Günther, Director, KPMG Financial Services


Lisa Watson, Sales Director, Close Brothers

Stefan Schetter, Sales Director Special Accounts and Automotive, CRIF

Giacomo Carelli, Chairman Leasys & CEO Drivalia and FCA Bank

Eva Kellershof, Otoz Mobility Client Partner, NETSOL

Richard Cowley, Principle Consultant, FICO

Michele Guido Mario Lavizzari, InfoCert


1:30 PM

Lunch & Networking

2:15 PM

SESSION THREE: How to Adopt a Flexible Approach to Mobility?

2:30 PM

Risk-based pricing strategies in motor finance: why change and why now?

  • The use of advanced analytics including data modelling to predict various sources of financial risk at time of offer
  • The implementation of dynamic pricing offers in a competitive way while controlling risk exposures and achieving business goals
  • Best practices for risk-based pricing deployments

2:50 PM

Stimulating long-term growth with vehicle subscription

  • Examining technology, operating models and scalability: lessons learnt to help reach profitability quicker
  • From a one-time sales approach to a service-based model: a shifting mindset to overcome a mental barrier
  • Reducing risk for customers in the quest for trying new technologies

3:10 PM

From ZERO to YES – accelerate your credit application

  • Challenges in Digital Onboarding processes
  • Customer Experience – reduce your time to “YES”
  • Smart Framework in a tough environment

3:30 PM

Commercial vehicle – Equipment as a service and the shift to electromobility

  • Reinventing future offerings to meet customer needs and drive stellar customer experience
  • Why EaaS models are moving from a theoretical option to a strategic imperative
  • How industrial equipment manufacturers can kick-start their transformation and take it to scale
  • Identifying EaaS models to enable a reliable source of steady high-profit income streams

3:50 PM

Panel discussion: Optimizing the momentum for mobility to reach financial advantage

Chair: Alejandro Gonzalez, Editor, Motor Finance Magazine Panel: Giovanni Oppenheim, Director of Banking Solutions, Earnix Martin Muessener, Vice President of Market Operations, Corporate Planning and Business Transformation, Toyota Financial Services Andreas Sonnleitner, Senior Sales Manager Finance & Payment, Experian DACH Johan Hoff, SVP Region Europe North & Central / Global Head of EaaS, Volvo Financial Services

4:10 PM

Mid-Afternoon Refreshments

4:25 PM

SESSION FOUR: What does the Future of Digitalisation in the Motor Finance Industry Look Like?

4:30 PM

Future potential of digitalisation

  • Accepting the need to digitalise business: have we really done more than simply scratch the surface of the potential benefits of doing so?
  • How Scrive’s customers have been able to improve their business and push their industry forward with their digitalisation efforts
  • Exploring where the automotive finance industry is going and, therefore, how you can build your future digital transformation plans to account for an ever-changing digital economy

4:50 PM

Creditplus enables Dealers’ Digital Sales Transformation

Real E2E Online Sales

5:10 PM

Sustainable Risk Mitigation

  • Roadblocks to change in the process of vehicle auditing
  • Migrating to self-audit
  • Can a virtual audit be trusted?

5:30 PM

Closing panel: Key takeaways of the day – what did we learn today?

Chair: Ian Plummer, Commercial Director, Auto Trader Panel: Niklas Fehrm, Chief Revenue Officer, Scrive Ross Oliver, Director of EMEA Operations, Quiktrak Thomas Nokin, CEO, Basikon João Miguel Leandro, CEO, Mobilize Financial Services

6:50 PM

Drinks Reception

7:50 PM

Motor Finance Europe Awards Ceremony

2022 Speakers

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Chairman Of The Board, Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance Ltd.
Next speaker
Leonardo Piva
Business Development Director CRIF
Next speaker
Principle Consultant, FICO

Richard Cowley is a Principle Consultant for Analytics at FICO. He has worked within Financial Services, both on Client side and as an analyst and consultant for over 25 years. During his time at FICO he has led many predictive model projects across the customer lifecycle across multiple industries. He has developed and implemented successful Optimisation solutions across EMEA driving huge benefits to clients through enhanced decisions.

Next speaker
Otoz Mobility Client Partner, NETSOL
Next speaker
Manager, KPMG

Simon is a Manager at KPMG Financial Services and specializes in the transformations, redesigns and growth projects of automotive banks and captives, as well as the development of digital leasing business models.

Next speaker
Sales Director, Close Brothers Motor Finance

Lisa Watson, Sales Director at Close Brothers Motor Finance, is a business leader with extensive experience in Motor Finance, Compliance, Motor Dealership Group F&I Sales, Operations and Insurance. Capable of envisioning future business growth and establishing a value proposition to set it apart from the competition. Lisa has a reputation for transforming businesses, scaling and delivering significant growth and value through creative consumer centric, customer focused strategies, leveraging data, insight, partnerships and digital technologies.

Next speaker
Chief Commercial Officer, Creditplus Bank AG
Next speaker
Vice President Of Market Operations, Corporate Planning And Business Transformation, Toyota Financial Services
Next speaker
CEO, Mobilize Financial Services

João is the group CEO of Mobilize Financial Services (previously called RCI Bank and Services), the captive bank of the Renault group, working for the brands of the Alliance.

Next speaker
EMEA Director, Enterprise And Corporate Solutions, Moxo

I have a background in the IT tech industry and I advised European enterprise businesses in their digital transformation journeys. I am passionate about challenging our customers to reach the best possible outcome and I always strive to be the guide for our clients and work on long-term partnerships. It is great to help companies transforming into customer centric organizations with 'outside-in' mindset. I am based in Amsterdam and I look after Moxo's EMEA business.

Next speaker
CEO FCA Bank, Chairman Leasys / Drivalia,
Next speaker
Chief Revenue Officer, Scrive

Niklas Fehrm is the Chief Revenue Officer at Scrive. He has a solid experience with driving change, growth and revenue by creating structure, clear objectives and customer-centric cultures with the opportunity for people to challenge and add value for customers. With Scrive’s deep connections with the world of automotive finance, Niklas has had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest brands in the industry, helping them deliver better service, securely and efficiently. Niklas is a former athlete and coach with a degree in psychology and economics, and is using his theoretical insights and knowledge by turning strategy into sales effectiveness.

Next speaker
Chief International Development Officer, InfoCert

As a Senior Executive Manager with almost 30 years of work experience within the ICT industry, He is in charge to lead InfoCert's business expansion across EU and LATAM Markets. On top of the technical and commercial background, he has added strong financial and managerial skills, developed on the job in an international multicultural environment all over the years and by attending multiple training courses, most of them held at the Ashridge Management College of Berkhamsted.

Next speaker
Editor, Leasing Life
Next speaker
Head Of ICT, FCA Bank

Luca Pollano is Head of ICT, Digital and Data Governance in FCA Bank and Leasys. He has a deep knowledge of Automotive, Financial Services and Mobility Services sectors.

Next speaker
Director Of Banking Solutions, Earnix

Giovanni has been with global financial institutions for almost a decade to accelerate the adoption of advanced analytical capabilities for pricing and product personalization. As head of the Professional Services Banking Team in Earnix he led a global team of consultants responsible for the design, management, and delivery of implementations for different product lines: unsecured consumer loans, motor finance products, mortgages, short-term and long-term lending products for businesses. Over the last few years Giovanni has designed and delivered the analytics and the implementations that every month are behind the pricing of over €10bn in contracts globally. Giovanni has also led strategic consulting projects with focus on advanced analytics and on change management processes and operations.

Next speaker
Head Of Auto IT, Santander
Next speaker
Head Of Markets And Credit, Tesla Financial Services
Next speaker
Associate Partner, Berylls Strategy Advisors
Next speaker

Thomas has more than 20 years of experience in financing software development. He is a graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique in France. After years trying to digitalize financing systems built for back-office operations Thomas realized there is a more efficient way. Digital is not an add-on, digital must be the starting point and the main focus. It is not about patching legacy to add APIs – it is about being API first, digital first, phone first, it is about being light and lean, it is about getting rid of all that technical debt and overdesign that has clogged software. Tomorrow’s winners are those who have understood the depth of the current revolution and accepted it. Founding Basikon was the obvious next step.

Next speaker
Sales Director Special Accounts And Automotive, CRIF

Stefan Schetter is a proven expert in the field of finance. The graduate engineer has been working in the financial sector for almost 20 years. After working for SHS Viveon and Experian, he joined CRIF GmbH as Sales Director Special Accounts and Automotive. In his position at CRIF, Stefan Schetter is mainly responsible for the areas of risk management, system and process solutions for the financial sector and KYC.

Next speaker
Senior Sales Manager Finance & Payment, Experian DACH

Andreas Sonnleitner has 23 years of industry experience in the financial sector. The certified credit manager supports customers with solutions in risk management, leasing and receivables management and was already able to contribute his expertise to companies such as abcfinance and FinTecSystems in earlier years. In 2019 Andreas joined Experian DACH as Senior Sales Manager, Finance & Payment and is primarily responsible for automotive and retail banks as well as leasing companies.

Next speaker
Director, KPMG

Stefan is a Director at KPMG Financial Services and a member of KPMGs Automotive Core Group. He focuses on designing business and operating models, setting up new entities as well as steering transformation and implementation projects including merger, carve outs and restructuring projects.

Next speaker
SVP Region Europe North & Central / Global Head Of EaaS, Volvo Financial Services
Next speaker
Ross Oliver
Director of EMEA Operations Quiktrak
Next speaker
Commercial Director, Auto Trader
Next speaker
Senior VP International Business Development & Banking Alliances, IVendi
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2022 Awards

Motor Finance Europe Awards 2022: Winners revealed

The winners of the Motor Finance Europe Conference and Awards 2022 were handed gongs during an evening gala event in Berlin at the Ritz-Carlton on 20 October.


Nominations for Motor Finance Europe Awards 2023 will open soon. 



Captive Finance Company of the Year
Daimler Truck Financial Services

Independent Finance Provider of the Year
Close Brothers Motor Finance

Non-Bank Lender of the Year
First Citizen Finance DAC

Advisory Firm of the Year

Legal Provider of the Year

Digital Innovation of the Year
FCA Bank

Digital Innovation of the Year (Technology Company)
AutoTrader (AutoConvert)

Best Finance Product of the Year
Ailleron AG

Best Pandemic Response Initiative
Close Brothers Motor Finance

Best Mobility Solution
Mobilize Financial Services

Best ‘ESG/Sustainability’ Initiative of the Year
FCA Bank


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