Andrew Evers

Having started my IT career in 1997, I have worked in most sectors of the industry at some point and have always put the focus on technical excellence and best practice. Whilst I am now in a technology managerial position, I still consider myself a technician at heart and I have a true hands on involvement in every technical deployment I oversee.
I have learned to blur the boundaries between the technical, the executive and the financial aspects of long-term enterprise international IT strategies; that every project, every change and every IT strategic decision is in line with the business at the highest levels and still technically excellent at the nuts-and-bolts end, as well as being aligned with overall business financial strategy.

Anything to do with business IT strategy, service delivery and project execution are all my interest areas with technical focus on Microsoft products, Citrix, VMware, Cisco/HP switching, IP security and firewalling or pretty much anything else with an IP address!