Christopher TS Harvey

Christopher TS Harvey has spent the past two decades mastering the complexity of change and how to manage change successfully.

Since studying alongside Prince William and Kate at the University of St Andrews, Chris has been busy in the change space. Unaware at the time, he was somewhat of a trailblazer in the Change Management domain, obsessed with the human-centric, psychological nature of change. Pushing himself ever since to operate at the ‘bleeding edge’ of the change sphere.

What makes him a standout as a speaker is his ability to convert extensive academic understanding and hands on experience of complex change, into meaningful learnings and tangible takeaways for the audience to better manage through change. All done against a captivating backdrop of 80s/90s soundtracks, balloon metaphors and ‘tongue in cheek’ British humour.

Chris has been published extensively in GQ Magazine around the world, on change subjects ranging from natural disasters to workplace burnout. He’s also written for the Daily Mail, The Telegraph, HR Magazine, Business Insider, been interviewed by BBC, TalkRadio and many more. His proudest achievement will be publishing the book he continues to work on, whilst educating the next generation of change leaders through his guest lecturing.

With every editorial or speaking engagement, Chris’s aim always remains the same at its core: to ‘Demystify Change!’