David Kerr, Director of DMC Services, Axio Research

David Kerr received his Master’s in Statistics from the University of Washington and has worked at Axio Research in Seattle for the past 23 years. He currently holds the title of Director of DMC Services where he provides leadership, direction and oversight for all DMC services provided by Axio Research – which facilitates over 200 DMC meetings per year. He was instrumental in developing Axio’s SOPs which govern the company’s DMC Services. In addition to his duties as Director of DMC Services, David has himself provided statistical support as the reporting statistician for more than 100 DMCs covering 150 individual clinical trials, with particular emphasis in disease areas such as oncology, cardiology, infectious disease, respiratory disease, and rheumatology. He has personally attended over 600 DMC meetings, and seen a wide variety of situations from those experiences. He is a strong advocate for improvements in the DMC process and has presented at numerous statistical conferences, as well as given tutorials to industry. His goal is to make sure the DMC has the best information available to help them make educated recommendations for the success of the trial and the protection of the study participants.