Dr. Ahmar Zaidi

Dr. Ahmar U. Zaidi is a pediatric hematologist who spent the last several years at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, where he helped care for over 800 patients with sickle cell disease. He currently serves as Medical Director, Clinical Development for Agios Pharmaceuticals. Along with numerous publications and clinical trial experience, he has worked tirelessly as an advocate for sickle cell disease patients, fueled by a belief that medical misinformation and disinformation steadily contribute to poor outcomes in sickle cell disease patients.  He co-founded and hosts the sickle cell educational podcast, Cheat Codes; and has been an advocate for social media as a tool for patient and physician education.  He currently serves as the Chair of the Hematology Anti-Racism Task Force for the American Society of Hematology and the Chair of the Board for The Sickle Cell Reproductive Health Directive.