Francisco Ortigosa


Francisco Ortigosa has dedicated 32 years to the petroleum industry holding several international technology positions in Repsol. He has particularly focused on the economic value added to the Exploration & Production Business by new technologies in the field of Geoscience. As Director of Geoscience Technology in the Repsol’s he has leaded the development of new digital technologies in the field of Geosciences. Francisco has received an award from IEEE Spectrum in 2008 for the Kaleidoscope Project recognizing one the most innovative projects of the year 2007, and another award from Platt’s (Standard & Poors) recognizing the most Commercial Technology of the year in 2009. Currently he hols the position od Director Innovation Technology expanding his areas of influence to Innovation in Upstream, Downstream, Energy Transition and Digital Transformation. Francisco has positions in Boards and Technology Boards of companies where he advises in Technology Strategy and New Technologies. In 2018 he received the Repsol´s INN Award recognizing the innovative projects developed in his area. Recently he has received the Repsol´s Digital Legend Award recognizing his successful trajectory in Digital Transformation and Big Data in the last 15 years. He has authored and coauthored numerous technical papers presented in International Conferences and Publications. He is also frequent Key Note speaker in Conferences, and a regular participant in panels regarding Digital Transformation in the Oil Exploration & Production Business. Francisco is affiliated with SEG, EAGE and SPE.