Gijsbert Cox

Gijsbert Cox is an esteemed Industry Leader in Insurance at Appian, a foremost provider of AI process automation software. Boasting over two decades of experience in the insurance sector, Cox exhibits an international focus, coupled with an analytical and pragmatic approach. He is deeply passionate about enhancing the operations of insurance and financial services companies.

In his role, Cox plays a pivotal part in supporting customers, partners, delivery, marketing, and sales teams with their go-to-market strategies and plans, effectively bridging the gap between business and IT. His profound understanding of the Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance process is complemented by his expertise in low-code, process automation, core, and insurtech solutions. This unique blend of knowledge and skills enables him to significantly improve customer experiences and augment the agility of insurance companies.

Cox is particularly driven by initiatives involving growth and transformation plans, business development, team inspiration, and working in international contexts. His overarching mission is to revolutionize and streamline insurance operations through the innovative use of Appian and AI technologies.