Mike Tobin


Mike is a marketing veteran with almost 25 years of experience in marketing to the enterprise, government, and consumer markets. His background is the marketing of technology, telecommunications, and business to business products. Prior to joining DSS, Mike was the founder and managing partner of Marketative Consulting which he started in 2004. Marketative was a marketing consulting firm focused on building marketing programs based upon quantitative metrics for technology companies and startups. Mike has also served in a variety of marketing roles for emerging and Fortune 500 companies including marketing leadership positions with UUNET Technologies, Eyecast Corporation, and Cable & Wireless. In these organizations Mike was responsible for marketing strategy, brand management, product marketing, product management, and marketing communications.

At DSS, Mike is responsible for marketing and product management. He is tasked with gathering feedback from customers and prospects and distilling it into solutions which solve the difficult brand protection problems currently challenging the market.