Moritz Grobovschek


With more than a decade’s experience in both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, Moritz has achieved growth for brands and developed strong partnerships with international and national manufacturers. Starting out initially in Austria’s biggest private brewery (Stiegl) as Head of Sponsoring with strong relation to product management and PR managing exclusive brands and products such as Bionade and Carlsberg. From 2011 Moritz was responsible at Ammersin for partnering with several brands which still see continuous growth today. Some success stories under Moritz’s care are: Fentimans,  Orangina, PERRIER and BIONADE.  2013 saw further portfolio development of non alcoholic brands as well as beer and ciders (introducing Spirits and Prosecco from 2015) to the whole nation. Ammersin is known for it’s strong role as a net of wholesalers with an increasing influence in retail stockists.