Nathan Clemes

Nathan Clemes started his career with six years in investment banking before launching Unrooted in 2019. Whilst working in the world of finance, he advised many drinks companies and had real insight into the macro consumer trends shaping the future of the consumer goods industries. Having seen the profound impact that health & wellness and premiumisation has had on soft drinks in particular, Nathan was surprised to see the energy drinks category had so far undergone very little innovation. Energy drinks still largely rely on caffeine and sugar, when from a functional perspective, there are reliable, more natural alternatives available.

Nathan started to work with food scientist and drinks expert Dr Joshi to research these functional alternatives, and during this time came across the African Baobab fruit. Inspired by its history, plethora of uses & benefits, Nathan launched Unrooted soon after as a way to bring genuinely healthy energy to the UK market, without relying on increasingly taboo ingredients such as caffeine or sugar.

Nathan is originally from Canada, but has lived the past 15 years in the UK. He has a BSc in Management from Warwick University and a MSc in Accounting & Finance from King’s College London.