Nick Gumery

Nick has been an Ethical Buyer at Lush for seven years, sourcing the most environmentally friendly materials to use in packaging and shop fit-outs. Nick’s packaging remit covers recycled plastics, glass, wood, cork and metal packaging.

He has worked on many interesting projects including the use of 1000s of square meters of reclaimed wooden floorboards for shop furniture production and also bringing in a source of wood from Sustainable Forestry and Re-wilding initiatives for use as in-store signage display. Giving the company a fully transparent supply chain whilst also supporting regenerative practices on the ground.

Nick is also responsible for introducing natural cork into Lush stores, leading a two year regenerative material project in Portugal. The cork pot is the first customer facing carbon positive piece of mainstream packaging to be released into the market place.

He is a keen organic vegetable grower and sits on Lush’s Permaculture and Agroecology Circle which helps fund fledgling projects and demonstration sites around the world to promote this alternative approach to modern monoculture farming.