Paula Bauer

Ms Bauer is our VP of Ag, Consumer and Retail in North America at Global Data.  She comes to us with a wealth of Ag knowledge and unique perspective as she continues to be involved with her family’s dairy, forage, corn and soybean farm in the Upper Midwest USA.  Since the inception in 1982, their farm has been recognized for numerous awards that marked progress and success.  The two they are most proud of are recognition as Minnesota Milk Producer of the year and having bred, raised and exhibited a World Dairy Expo Class Winner.

Paula’s unique perspective will provide insights on U.S. agricultural practices and the “why” behind those.

  • Commitment animal husbandry
  • Commitment to soil health
  • Commitment to responsible use of resources
  • Commitment to our employee partners and communities
  • At the end of the day…..What’s the motivation?