Steve Healy

15 years’ experience in temperature controlled packaging and logistics. 

Serving both the clinical and commercial healthcare supply chain 

Working for global organisations and managing sales, marketing, strategy, and global operations. 

I’ve worked with medium sized high growth companies coordinating global customer operations as part of acquisitions. 

Peli Bio – worked with commercial pharma on vaccine distribution, insulin projects and developed dedicated customer sites. Also, on major global roll out of new packaging solutions for clinical supplies as part of a project team when the customer was developing new dedicated temperature controlled facilities. 

Cryopdp – central lab logistics, CROs for biological samples return to lab using dry ice and controlled ambient. 

Diversified into new sectors of clinical supplies and Early Access Programs shipping high value temp sensitive products for compassionate use where time to patient is critical. 

All of the above means that I have a strong understanding of import and export requirements for non-commercial products