Zihan Liu


Zihan has been working for Yellow Brand Protection for over six years, with time spent both at the Sweden and China office locations. She has been instrumental in building the largest Shanghai based brand protection team of highly skilled Client Managers and Analysts.

An expert on Chinese trademark law, Zihan has extensive knowledge in Chinese trademark protection, as well as patent and other intangible assets. She has also been involved in a number of successful online to offline cases where a brand’s intellectual property rights have been infringed. Zihan has close working relationships with many of the well-known Chinese online selling platforms, such as marketplaces and messaging apps, which proves extremely beneficial for supporting client’s brand protection programs.

As the Yellow Brand Protection Asia Director, Zihan continues to develop the business in Asia, by effectively providing global online brand protection schemes to clients from different industries.

Applying the state-of-the-art technology to clean the internet from IP infringements is Zihan’s ultimate aim.