The Future of Impact Investing: An Investor’s Guide to ESG


Client, company and investor interest have all increased exponentially when it comes to ESG in recent years. The attractiveness of ESG projects — whether that be to diversify investment portfolios, improve corporate image or adhere to government regulations — is not set to diminish any time soon.

Expectations on all sides are evolving. Consumers and employees increasingly want companies to walk the walk on corporate social responsibility, while many investment destinations are becoming choosier about the types of investors they attract to their jurisdictions. A shift from shareholder to stakeholder capitalism demands a new approach. As a result, balancing ESG criteria with profitable investment strategies has become an urgent quandary.

How is ESG-led investment impacting governments, companies and economies, and how are these entities defining their societal priorities in today’s post-Covid world? What can be done to avoid hypocrisies and how do strategies differ between countries?

This one-day event will aim to explore the complexities of impact investment through a series of high-level panel discussions and exclusive insights from keynote speakers. Join Investment Monitor and our esteemed speaker line up to explore the future of impact investing.

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