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Managing your clinical trial supply chain to achieve flexibility within a highly regulated world

May 24th – 25th 2017, Burlingame, California

Clinical Trial Supply West Coast returns in 2017 this time in Burlingame. Attracting the leading biotech and pharma companies from Northern California and beyond, the event will focus on how drug companies can adapt their supply chains to fit into the highly regulated world. For the first time key topics will be explored through Debates, Workshops and extended Roundtable discussions. With standout presenters from Sanofi, Genentech, Dynavax and Gilead, this is an event not to miss out on – reserve your place today!

Event News

Prepare for Changing Regulations

Regulatory changes are already frequent within the world of clinical supplies, however there is even further uncertainty following the election of Trump, and Brexit. Many sponsor companies worldwide are asking how the regulations of the supply chain may continue to change. This event will prove a key meeting point for delegates to discuss how they can prepare for inbound or active regulatory changes which will happen as a result of political changes.

Driving Efficiency through your Supply Chain

Efficiency within clinical supply chain remains a key priority for current sponsor companies. This year we will be offered a brand new perspective on the use of single sites for multiple studies.

Getting to grips with Annex 16

With the latest update of Annex 16 being introduced last year, implications have begun to emerge within clinical supply. The regulation, approved by the European Commission, specifically outlines the responsibilities of a Qualified Person (QP), in particular to approving and releasing batches. In order to achieve this, there are several procedures which clinical supply companies must follow and as a result the QP’s workload has risen. How will this affect clinical supply?

Who Should Attend?

Primary delegates for this event are those with responsibility for clinical supply in biotech and pharma companies in the Northern California region, also welcoming those from Oregon and Washington.

The Trump Impact

Following the election in November 2016, a new era is beginning to surface as Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of United States. The dramatic impact he has made to the clinical trial supply industry prior to his inauguration has sent shockwaves to the stock market, and if words have caused this much damage, his changes to regulations and laws will surely alter the business landscape in clinical trial supply.

What you will achieve at Clinical Trial Supply West Coast

With years of Clinical Trial Supply conferences under our belt, across the US, Europe and further afield we seek to provide all our guests with clear, actionable content to bring back to the office. Whether you are looking for new forecasting ideas, better packaging solutions, or just wanting to find out what others in your boat are doing then this is the event for you.