Virtual Fireside Chat on Navigating the Complexities of Sustainable Supply Chains

Discussing the challenges of managing global supply chains while ensuring sustainability. This includes dealing with multiple suppliers, navigating varying regulations, and addressing diverse environmental impacts. Exploring what companies can do to enhance their sustainable packaging efforts. This will cover innovative solutions, best practices, and collaborative approaches to achieve environmental goal. Objectives: Pharma Packaging Collaboration and […]

15th Annual International Accounting Forum & Awards 2025

Engaging content: Through panels, presentations, case studies and Q&As explore the key topics and themes that are trending across the industry. Audience: Join a high-level audience of CEOs, CFOs, Partners, Policy & External Affairs Managers, Managing Directors, Project Directors and Strategy Advisors across accounting. Networking Opportunities: Meet with the influential leaders and decision makers and […]

14th Annual Clinical Trials in Oncology East Coast 2025

Discover effective strategies for oncology trial operations to ensure trials run smoothly and within budget. Arena International is delighted to announce Clinical Trials in Oncology East Coast will take place in Boston in August 2025! Bringing together clinical operations experts from oncology pharma and biotech sponsor companies on the East Coast alongside technology vendors, CROs […]

Asia Pacific Rail Symposium 2024

We invite you to a day of insightful discussions, cutting-edge industry trends, and unparalleled networking opportunities with rail professionals from across the Asia Pacific region. This event brings together experts, thought leaders, and stakeholders to explore the latest challenges, opportunities, and technological advancements within the rail industry. comprehensive program covering the entire rail industry ecosystem, […]

EcoPositive Pharma Packaging: Boost Safety, Reduce Impact

Introducing sustainable primary packaging in the pharma industry is not an easy task, especially considering the stringent regulatory and safety standards within which the sector operates. However, the market for sustainable pharmaceutical packaging is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.4% to $146.3 billion by 2027. Moreover, the recent regulatory […]

Building a tech 4.0 powerhouse in MENA

The UAE is fast becoming a leading regional hub for ambitious tech innovators. Ranking as the most active market in the MENA region, it remains the top-rated country for tech talent in the Arab world. As the leading destination city for greenfield FDI globally since 2021, Dubai in particular, has seen a huge push to […]

Introduction to Long-Acting Injectables

Long-acting injectables have emerged as a game-changing solution in the rapidly evolving world of healthcare. While patients around the globe are increasingly benefitting from the durable efficacy provided by these treatments, the development and in some cases adoption of these innovative treatments has been slow. Key challenges related to in some cases complex manufacturing, limited […]

Supporting grid stability

The installed generation capacity of renewable energy is increasing every year. Globally, Renewables will make up roughly a third of total electricity generation by early next year and nearly 50% by 2030. Energy storage is critical to utilize renewable energy efficiently and decarbonize the power system. It can also help the grid handle the variable […]

The Future of Gold Mining: AI Metallurgy Advancements

In today’s mining industry, operators face mounting pressure to improve productivity and cost efficiency in an increasingly competitive market. Traditional control systems are often limited to static setpoints, missing opportunities for dynamic optimization. This lack of adaptability contributes to challenges in achieving consistent top-quartile performance, putting the viability of mining operations at risk. Failure to […]

Private Banking & Wealth Management London Conference & Awards 2025

Our high-level programme will feature key presentations and panel discussions led by industry leaders. Explore the latest cutting-edge discussion points across private banking strategy, client relationship management, investment market trends, and digital innovation. Experience engaging and thought-provoking sessions on: What’s in store for the UK and Global Economy How to define growth for wealth management […]