Clinical Data Management Innovation 2024

We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new event: Clinical Data Management Innovation will take place on 10th-11th September 2024. This event has been exclusively designed for the cutting-edge clinical data & analytics leaders, and will focus on designing your clinical data strategy, leveraging data analytics to maximize the use of your […]

Clinical Trials in Rare Diseases 2024

We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new event: Clinical Trials in Rare Diseases will take place on 10th-11th September 2024. This event will explore the challenges in clinical trials for orphan drugs and rare diseases, bringing together clinical operations professionals from across multiple therapeutic areas to discuss common obstacles and solutions. […]

Fillings & Coatings 2.0 – Trends and challenges within the pastry industry

Fillings and Coatings play an important role in the pastry industry. They can be described as the key ingredient for the success of the taste of pastries and desserts. While enjoyment and quality were the main success factors in the past, consumer needs are changing nowadays. Eating means much more than just consuming food. Consumers […]

Targeting Intestinal Fibrosis in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

We are a GI-focused CRO with proven in-depth GI-specific knowledge throughout the entire organization and finely tuned operational workflows developed by our industry-leading KOLs. Watch our expert panel provide an overview of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) including a review of the drug development landscape, imaging as a non-invasive measure in NASH Clinical Trials, and the role […]

Satellite Data: How to Enhance Business Planning and Build Climate Resilience

Earth observation satellites are revolutionising how businesses make data-driven decisions and build resilience against climate change. In Scotland, innovative companies are developing solutions that are providing reliable insights for insurance, supply chains, and greenhouse emissions. Innovative companies around Scotland are developing a diverse range of solutions that benefit insurance products, strengthen supply chains, and provide […]

4K, 3D & 2-Channel recording made simple for your OR

Do you know the situation? You are looking for a documentation solution for your OR, but it is hard to find a solution covering all your specifications, but still offers ease of use and doesn`t create a lot of service calls about how to operate the device? With the UR-NEXT4K recorder do we present a […]

11th Annual Outsourcing in Clinical Trials UK and Ireland 2024

We are delighted to welcome you to 11th annual Outsourcing in Clinical Trials UK and Ireland. This is a great opportunity to get together and network face to face, hear from our expert speaker line-up and discuss the latest innovations and regulatory updates in the industry. It is becoming clear that the only options are […]

Improve properties of packaging material and labware by ALD

Trends in pharmaceutical packaging include increasing number of biological drugs requiring specific primary packaging, increasing use of plastics, and emergence of novel packages and devices like pre-filled syringes and autoinjectors. Labware such as microfluidics devices are gaining importance in diagnostics and research. These advances set new requirements for the performance of the packaging and device […]

Exclusive Report: Automation in the Hotel Industry

In GlobalData’s Q4 2022 survey, 71% of global respondents stated that they were ‘always’, ‘often’, or ‘somewhat’ influenced by how digitally advanced or smart a product/service is when making a purchasing decision. Younger age groups were the most influenced by this aspect of a product or service, with 80% of millennials and 75% of Gen […]