Chris Hanlon

With over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry, Chris Hanlon has a proven track record of successful leadership and innovation. He began his career with Woodchester (GE) in 1986 before joining permanent tsb Finance in 1991 as Sales and Marketing Director. He was appointed Managing Director in 1999, where he led the company to become the largest car finance provider in Ireland. Over the next 10+ years, Chris acquired, managed and developed formal relationships with Distributors, Manufacturers and Dealers across 14 marques including brands such as BMW, Opel, Kia and Hyundai.

Under Chris’s leadership, permanent tsb Finance experienced tremendous growth, thanks in part to his ability to attract and retain top talent. He has also developed and implemented successful sales aid finance programmes for major companies such as Dell, Gateway, Eircom, and Sony.

In 2011, following a Management Buyout, Chris led his team to complete Ireland’s first auto-only receivables securitisation, paving the way for the establishment of Ireland’s newest player – First Citizen Finance.

As Managing Director of First Citizen Finance, Chris has had full balance sheet and profit and loss responsibility, leveraging his expertise to drive profitability and maintain financial stability. He has cultivated a team of highly skilled professionals, many of whom have spent their entire careers working alongside him.

Chris is a Fellow of the Institute of Bankers in Ireland and a graduate of the Harvard Business School. He continues to be an influential figure in the financial services industry, applying his wealth of knowledge and experience to achieve exceptional results.