Chris Legaspi

As the Chief Commercial Officer at Archipelago International, Chris Legaspi brings over
25 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He is a seasoned and passionate
leader dedicated to delivering exceptional results and creating memorable experiences
for guests. Chris oversees the strategic and operational aspects of the Sales, Marketing,
E-commerce, Distribution, and Connectivity divisions, ensuring alignment with the
company’s vision, values, and goals. He is also responsible for cultivating and
maintaining relationships with international partners, and expanding the global network
and influence.
Chris brings diverse perspectives and experiences to the team, having worked in
various roles and regions across the industry, from hotels to online travel agencies.
Driven by innovation, collaboration, and customer satisfaction, he constantly seeks new
opportunities to grow and improve the business.
In his current role, Chris leverages his expertise in revenue management and
hospitality to navigate dynamic and challenging market conditions, especially during the
COVID-19 pandemic. He has successfully shifted sales towards digital channels and
created targeted campaigns to attract and retain customers. Additionally, he has
implemented data-driven forecasting and pricing strategies to optimize revenue and
profitability, adapting to fluctuating demand and supply.
Chris works closely with internal teams and international partners to ensure alignment
and resilience, enabling the company to sustain operations and uphold the brand’s
values. He has facilitated the adoption of new technologies and platforms to enhance
online presence and connectivity. Proud of his team’s achievements and impact, Chris
looks forward to continuing the journey of excellence and innovation.
Chris is deeply committed to staff development and mentorship, fostering a culture of
continuous learning and professional growth. He actively supports talent development
programs, encourages innovative thinking, and provides guidance to emerging leaders
within the company. His leadership style emphasizes empowerment, collaboration, and
open communication, creating a supportive and dynamic work environment.
In addition to his role at Archipelago International, Chris frequently speaks at industry
conferences and contributes to thought leadership in hospitality management. His
insights on market trends, customer behavior, and digital transformation are highly
valued by peers and industry professionals alike