Opportunities in Scotland’s Booming Space Industry

From Earth observation and data analysis to satellite design, manufacture, testing, launch and operations, Scotland is in a unique position. With 170 data science companies based in Edinburgh alone, and more than 130 space organisations and 83 aerospace companies in Scotland, the country’s space sector is buzzing with activity. The Scottish Space Strategy, published in […]

Diversity in FinTech

Diversity in the workplace is critical to ensuring fintech companies stay ahead of the curve. Research shows the most gender and ethnically diverse organisations are able to achieve higher revenues, attract better talent and be more innovative as they are more likely to cater to a more diverse audience and develop products that meet their […]

Specifying a Capacitor for Space-Based Applications

As the cost to launch objects into space continues to fall, space has become far more accessible. No longer are the days where large government agencies or defense contractors are the only entities who have the means to put something into orbit. Today, small countries’ space agencies, universities, researchers, and smaller companies now have access […]

The 4 Pinch Points Facing Global Clinical Trial Comparator Sourcing

Lead-time inaccuracy, continuity of supply, expiry date limitations and waste are major issues facing the Clinical Supplies Community when it comes to sourcing comparator medicines. This webinar is designed to be a first – you the delegates decide what topic our speakers will talk about. All of these ‘scare’ points or ‘pinch’ points are too […]

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